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Innovative Strategies for a Sustainable Orchard Management: Focus on Soil Management and Water Supply

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Guest Editors

Dr. Elena Baldi, Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy


The intensification of agricultural practices due to the increasing population pressure is leading to soil degradation, loss of organic matter, increased emission of atmospheric greenhouse gases and reduced water availability. As a consequence, orchard management should be done in order to meet our current needs without depleting resources for future generations. This implies the development of environmental friendly practices able to increase and maintain soil fertility, such as minimum tillage, multispecies ground cover, and the supply of amendments. Beside the effect on soil quality, the use of amendments deriving from organic waste could be a win win solution to recycle municipal solid and food industry related wastes. Moreover, due to the well-known effect of organic matter on water retention, the use of these type of matrix could be an efficient strategy of adaptation to climate change with particular emphasis on drought and water scarcity. In addition, precise method for water supply should be adopted in order to meet plants need without exceeding and waste water. Thus, innovation in orchard management should optimize resources making fruit tree production economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable.

The aim of the present special issue is to give highlights on innovative strategies for sustainable orchard management mainly focusing on optimizing the use of resources (water, nutrients, etc). Manuscripts dealing with the effect of organic amendments/biofertilizers supply on plant performances, soil biodiversity and quality, use of cover crops, innovative method for water supply will be considered.


organic matter, cover crops, water supply, bioeconomy

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