Special Issue Titles and Editors Submission Deadline Status  
The Effect of Soil Quality Degradation on the Plant Growth, Quality and Food Safety in Subtropical Agroforestry Ecosystems
(Editors: Weijun Fu; Keli Zhao; Zhengqian Ye; Lingli Lu; Peng Liu)
12 May 2022 Closed
Plant Omics in Challenging Environment
(Editors: Khalid Rehman Hakeem; Munir Ozturk; Peerzada Yasir Yousuf )
01 March 2022 Closed
Comprehensive Effects of Biochar or other Additives after Applied to Agricultural and Forest Soils
(Editors: Haijun Sun; Raúl S. Lavado)
24 February 2022 Closed
Therapeutic Efficiency of Phyto-Molecules
(Editors: Kandasamy Saravanakumar; Myeong-Hyeon Wang; Veeraraghavan Vishnu Priya)
02 February 2022 Closed
High-Yield Rice Physiology & Genetics
(Editors: Dali Zeng; Xiangyang Hu)
31 January 2022 Closed
Plant Bioactive Compounds-Chemotaxonomic Significance, Antioxidant Properties, Potential Application as Food Ingredients as well as Therapeutics, and the Analytical Technology in Their Efficient Discovery
(Editors: Aleksandar Ž. Kostić; Wen-Zhi Yang)
08 December 2021 Closed
Plant Ecophysiology: Recent Trends and Advancements
(Editors: Khalid Rehman Hakeem; Tanveer Bilal Pirzadah)
01 October 2021 Closed
Tree Somatic Embryogenesis and Application
(Editors: Jinhui Chen; Xiangyang Hu)
30 June 2021 Closed
Plant Physiology for Crop Production and Sustainable Agriculture
(Editors: Mirza Hasanuzzaman; Masayuki Fujita)
10 June 2021 Closed
Mycorrhizal Fungi and Sustainable Development of Agriculture
(Editors: Qiang-Sheng Wu; Yue-Jun He; AK Srivastava; Ibrahim Ortas; Bo Shu)
10 January 2021 Closed
Plant Secondary Metabolites: Recent Advances and Opportunities
(Editors: Ram Prasad; Joginder Singh)
31 December 2020 Closed
Crop Production under Abiotic Stress: Physiological and Molecular Interventions
(Editors: Mirza Hasanuzzaman; Masayuki Fujita)
31 January 2020 Closed