Special Issue "Kinesin Motors and Cell Cycle"

Submission Deadline: 25 December 2020 (closed)
Guest Editors
Dr. Shuang-Li Hao, haoshuangli@spermlab.org
The Sperm Laboratory, College of Life Science, Zhejiang University.

Prof. Wan-Xi Yang, wxyang@zju.edu.cn
The Sperm Laboratory, College of Life Science, Zhejiang University.


The special issue will focus on functions of kinesin motors during cell cycle, spermatogenesis will be included. Authors will be selected from international research institutes and uniiversities.

Kinesin, Cell cycle, Cancer, Spermatogenesis, Reproduction

Published Papers
  • Cell cycle regulation through primary cilium: A long-forgotten story
  • Abstract Protruded from cytomembrane, primary cilium is a widespread cell organelle that can be found in almost all cell types in Mammalia. Because of its comprehensive requirement in various cellular activities and various functions in different organs, primary cilium has been a valuable research area of human pathology research since the turn of the millennium. And the potential application of the interaction between primary cilia and cell cycle regulation may be the most promising direction as many primary cilium-caused diseases are found to be caused by cell cycle dysregulation resulted from primary cilia defects. Therefore, a deep understanding of the interaction… More
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  • Nuclear regulation of mitochondrial functions during oocyte development
  • Abstract Mitochondria are important in eukaryotic cells due to their functions in energy production and regulation over other cellular activities. Oocytes are produced by a long and precisely controlled process, the dysfunction of which leads to impaired female fertility. As oocytes mature, mitochondria are constantly under the regulation of nuclear genes, the process of which can be modulated by extracellular signals. Understanding how nuclear genes regulate mitochondrial functions is important for studying animal reproduction and human fertility. As more and more genes regulating mitochondrial functions in oocytes are being revealed, new approaches for improving female fertility in both human and animals… More
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