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Special Issue Titles and Editors Submission Deadline Status  
Biotherapeutic Agents and Innovative Theranostic Formulations: Physical-Chemical Aspects, Pharmacological and Biological Effects
(Editors: Farid Menaa; Barkat A Khan)
30 July 2021 Closed
Noncoding RNAs & Associated Human Diseases
(Editors: Jagpreet Nanda; Shardul Kulkarni; Abdul Khalique)
30 April 2021 Closed
Oxidative Stress in Aquatic Organisms
(Editors: Susana Puntarulo; Paula M González)
30 April 2021 Closed
Regulatory, Therapeutic and Diagnostic Associations of miRNA in Emerging Diseases
(Editors: Chiranjib Chakraborty; Govindasamy Agoramoorthy)
31 March 2021 Closed
Cellular Biomechanics in Health and Diseases
(Editors: Ye Zeng; Bingmei Fu; Yongmin Yan)
31 March 2021 Closed
Impact of High Resolution Scanning Microscopy to Study Cells and Tissues Organization
(Editor: Wanderley de Souza)
31 January 2021 Closed
Molecular and Cellular Diagnostic Models
(Editors: Binwu Ying; Wei Xu; Mengyuan Lyu)
31 January 2021 Closed
Biomonitoring of Toxic Effects Using OMICs Markers
(Editors: Hans-Uwe Dahms; Mei-fang CHO)
31 January 2021 Closed
Bacteriophage Biology and Biotechnology
(Editor: Xiangyu Fan)
20 January 2021 Closed
New Insights in Biology of Depression: New Molecules and Approaches
(Editors: Julia Fedotova; Lucian Hritcu; Peter Kruzliak; Vittorio Unfer)
31 December 2020 Closed
Kinesin Motors and Cell Cycle
(Editors: Wan-Xi Yang; Shuang-Li Hao)
25 December 2020 Closed
Stem Cells, Protein Therapeutics, and Regenerative Medicine
(Editors: Qinan Yin; Jianjie Ma; Xuehong Xu; Mouna Orchari)
15 October 2020 Closed